8 Instagrammable Coffee Shops in LA

Ahh, Instagrammable coffee shops. A perfect topic for the basic gal. There are too many to name! But I’ve managed to put together a list of only eight. Keep reading for where to get your perfect *nespresso* shot! No pun intended.

Roo Coffee, Silverlake

I am actually obsessed with Roo. It is so ME and my aesthetic lol. I wouldn’t stop saying that to my friend when we went. Even their toasts are Instagrammable!

Rawberri, West Hollywood

I visited this place a few years ago (top right pic) but they have really upped their game since then! They are known for their juices, acai bowls, smoothies, and colorful lattes! I guess that’s what makes them so Insta-Worthy, besides the banana leaf wallpaper.

Dinosaur Coffee, Silver Lake

Take it from experience,  you have to go in the morning when there’s perfect lighting to take your tapestry shot. I know I’m crazy. I just think their cups and coffee sleeves are so cute!

Carrera Cafe, West Hollywood

I know you’ve probably heard of Carrera Cafe already, but I just had to include it! I mean, c’mon, their coffee designs are so Instagrammable. They have this little machine where you can basically send them any photo, and it will replicate it onto your latte!

The Butcher, the Baker, The Cappuccino Maker, West Hollywood

Again, you have to come and snap a pic of these coffee designs. Ask for the “ColorBurst Latte.” If you haven’t read my blog post on this cafe, check it out here.

Make Out, Culver City

I just think the name of this place is so cute! They have pretty standard beverages, but it’s great inside for a mini photo shoot. Yeah, I did that. They have a light up sign inside, as well as the “make out” logo in the front window.

Flowerboy Project, Venice

Is it a flower shop? Is it a coffee shop? It’s BOTH! They even sprinkle some flower petals on their lattes. How authentic! Check out my post on Flowerboy Project here.

Alfred Coffee & Alfred Tea, Several Locations 

A classic. “But first, coffee.” No no wait, first a picture, THEN coffee.


Honestly, I could go on and on about picturesque coffee shops, but let’s just leave it at that for now. Let me know of your fav coffee shops in the comments below x.

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