Easter Break in Wisconsin


Even though it’s been a CrAzY busy week with finals coming up, I decided to finish up editing this video during study breaks. My family, boyfriend and I went back home to our lake house in Door County, Wisconsin for Easter break (perks of going to a Jesuit university). It was good to see my neighbors up there again… Hopefully we will be back this summer! Unfortunately it’s a full day of flying and driving to get there from LA that it can sometimes be a hassle 😦 Continue reading “Easter Break in Wisconsin”

Courtney and Maddy Show: Alfred Tea Room

Hey guys!

Maddy and I have been so busy with school lately that we haven’t had the time to make more Courtney and Maddy shows! I will be posting a few that we made earlier in the school year until we post our next one for when we go to Disney World! Continue reading “Courtney and Maddy Show: Alfred Tea Room”