Essentials for Your College Dorm Room

Hi friends!

Summer break is coming to an end and it’s time to say goodbye to our high school besties. Boo ;(. With move-in day just around the corner, it’s important to prepare yourself for moving into your college apartment or dorm room! Here are a few things that are a MUST: Continue reading “Essentials for Your College Dorm Room”

I Dream of Jean-ie

So I’ve never been a big blue jean baby, and it wasn’t until NOW did I discover that it’s because I haven’t been picking out the right pairs! It seems as though I have been shopping at all the wrong places and haven’t been wearing jeans that are right for me. To help prevent this from happening to you, take a look at some of my favorite pairs and places to shop! Continue reading “I Dream of Jean-ie”

Back To School: Outfit Inspo

It’s officially AUGUST folks! And you know what that means, right? It’s time for some back to school shopping! This has got to be my favorite time of the year in the shopping world. I can’t wait to strut down the hallways in my new clothes! Plus, I feel like it’s one of the only times when you can buy a handful of clothes and get away with it. I’ve put together some of my favorite looks for this upcoming season: Continue reading “Back To School: Outfit Inspo”