2020 Goals

Hi all and Happy New Year!

It has literally been a year since I last made a blog post, and a lot has changed since then! I’ve graduated, I’m working in the “real world,” and my boyfriend lives on the other side of the country *sad face.* I’ve gone through a big life transition and it hasn’t been easy, but there is a lot left to look forward to in this new chapter.

I thought I would start off 2020 with a blog post on my New Years resolutions, so that I have them down in writing and I can hold myself accountable. Let’s start with number one, shall we?


I used to love reading but throughout the past few years I’ve been spending all my free time on Instagram rather than reading a book. I know, shame on me! I just got a library card so I can check out as many books as possible without breaking the bank. I’m currently reading Valley of the Dolls. I recently finished Park Avenue Summer and loved it. Next on my list is Tangerine.


I do not drink water. Ever. It’s so bad. People yell at me for it, too. I’ve started bringing a water bottle with lemon to work, so hopefully that does the trick.



Whether it’s going to the gym, journaling, eating healthier, taking vitamins, meditating… even simple things like getting my nails done or getting a massage. I need to set aside more time for myself!



These are just a few of my 2020 goals, but you get the gist. What are your new year resolutions?

One thought on “2020 Goals

  1. Most of mine are the same. I finally took a bubble bath last night after 5 years of promising myself! I threw in some epsom salts, lavender bubble bath, and gave myself a home-made coffee body scrub at the end.
    I’ve also been keep track of my books through goodreads and using the library app to borrow books or audiobooks (for during work or workouts).


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