Make-Up Wake-Up Call

Hi guys!

So lately I’ve been super into watching beauty vloggers on YouTube. I’ve never been one to wear a lot of make-up, but recently I’ve been thinking Hellloooo, why haven’t I been wearing this stuff all the time? Since I was running low on many of my daily products, I decided to take a lil trip to Sephora and thought I would share what I bought 😉


Okay, this is going to seem silly for a 20 year-old, but I just bought my first foundation ever. I’ve always worn tinted moisturizer and honestly thought they were the same thing! But nope, found that out after I applied the foundation and saw how much more coverage I got out of it. I use Born This Way foundation by Too Faced in the shade Vanilla. I like it, but think I can find better next time. At times when I apply it I can clearly see streaks left from the pathways of my hands. I also sometimes feel a little too pale wearing it.


Speaking of tinted moisturizer, I had to restock on one of my favoriteee products which I have been using forever! I use Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer in nude. I love it because it’s great for your simple everyday look, and it’s also oil free which works great for those of you who have acne-prone skin like me. I usually just apply it to my bare skin, no primer necessary. It often serves as my foundation as well.


Okay, so now let’s talk contour and highlight. What the heck is it, and how do you do it? When I went to Sephora, I had one of the artists give me a lesson on how to properly apply it for my specific face shape, as well as showed me what products worked best for my skin tone. For contour, I use this kit by Smashbox. First I use the contour stick and apply it down the hollow part of my cheeks and sides of my nose. Then I use the bronze stick and apply it right above my contour lines and blend. I LOVE this set and highly recommend it.


I then go in with the powder BECCA Cosmetics highlighter in Champagne Pop. It’s stunning and really prominent! If you want a more subtle look, I suggest using a cream or liquid based highlighter. To apply it, I use a Sephora brand fan brush, #65.


Well there you have it folks, my new goodies from Sephora. I will probably write up my whole make-up routine another time. If anyone has a favorite product, let me know! I’d love to hear what everyone uses.

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