8 Books To Read This Summer

If you’re anything like me, it takes some real motivation to just sit down and read a book. I know, it’s sad. Nowadays I find myself surfing the web or spending hours on Instagram instead. Despite my laziness, I have read a few books this summer that I have thoroughly enjoyed from beginning to end. The titles are included in this list along with some that I am still wanting to read. Who knows, these just might make your perfect poolside read! Continue reading “8 Books To Read This Summer”

Movie Night: Me Before You

GUYS. Today I finished the book Me Before You (great summer read) and I convinced my whole family to come see the movie with me and it was SO GOOD! I’ll even admit that a few tears were shed. The acting was amazing; I fell in love with the main characters and the chemistry between them. I recommend that everyone see the movie and also check out the fabulous sound track! The link to it is below.


Seriously. Go see it.