Spring Break in Mammoth

Instead of heading to a tropical destination for spring break, I headed to the cold. Living in LA, Mammoth honestly felt like vacation and a change of pace. When I lived in Chicago, we would only go on vacation somewhere warm. Now, I want to go to cold places! I never thought this day would come.

I know you’re supposed to ski in Mammoth, but I stay away from that as much as possible. I’m terrible at it, and I personally think it’s a hassle. I prefer heading to the mountains for hot coco, views and hot tubs. And that’s exactly what I did 😉

We stayed at the Village Lodge for two nights, which seems like the main resort and is right in the town center. We liked it a lot! We had a spacious room with a fireplace and kitchen. Only bummer is that we were on the first floor and our view and balcony was blocked by snow. It ended up being okay in the end because it was easier to access the pool.

On the first day we got there, we walked around the shops and explored some of the town (which took about ten minutes lol). Alex, my boyfriend, was excited to be in the snow since he’s a Hawaii boy. It was pretty funny watching him make snowballs and climb up mini snow hills. We went to dinner at Campo for happy hour and ordered a BBQ pizza and sweet potato gnocchi to share. The gnocchi was super sweet, and I could understand why some people wouldn’t like it. But I thought everything was delishh.

Afterwards, we stopped in the local confectionary and bought a whole bunch of chocolate and fudge. We brought it back to our room, opened up a bottle of wine and chowed down on the sweets while watching the Bachelor. I could go on and on about the finale… but that’s a separate post.

The next day, we got breakfast at the cutest place called The Warming Hut. It reminded me of the Midwest! It was all snowed in and we got a table right next to the fireplace. I highly recommend the “make your own” pancakes and butter coffee.


Although we didn’t go skiing or snowboarding, we still took a scenic gondola ride up to the highest summit. It was BEAUTIFUL! We got there right in time, because after about thirty minutes, clouds rolled in and our entire view became a white out. It was cool to watch ski and snowboarders disappear into the clouds.


We did more hot tub time when we got back and had dinner at Burgers Restaurant. I got a sandwich + cheese fries and it really hit the spot. At this point, the snow was really coming down. We then got hot chocolate and sat next to a fire pit and watched it come down. Cayuteeeee, right?


The next morning, before heading out, we had breakfast at The Stove. I got a Belgian waffle, no surprise there. Then it was bye-bye Mammoth 😦 I still think it’s insane that in 4.5 hours we went from a snow storm to 74 degrees and sunny. California is a crazy state y’all.

We had the PERFECT little getaway and I can’t wait to go again, hopefully for Christmas next time. What did you do over Spring Break?

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