My 21st Rosé Birthday

Good morning all!

A little over a week ago I turned 21! FINALLY. Let me tell you, it feels like a whole new world. I had a rosé themed birthday party, where everything was rose gold for my golden birthday. I thought this was such a cute, girly theme for a 21st birthday party and am hoping it can serve as inspiration for someone who is thinking of throwing a party for their 21st! Check out my photos below 🙂


I had the perfect dress for this occasion – it’s from Showpo and can be found here.

Processed With Darkroom


I was obsessed with these donuts. I LOVE donuts and these ones were made for me! My Mom had them specially ordered from a donut shop called Blinkies. She knows me so well!


The rose gold balloons are from party city 🙂 I pretty much got everything from there.




I have the best friends and family in the world! My friend Sophie made me a lei made out of mini bottles – so creative!


I had such an amazing time hanging with everyone in the pool and drinking my favorite Rosé. The next day was my actual birthday (Monday, May 21st), where I started my new internship at E!. That night, my family and two of my twin brother and I’s closest friends joined us for dinner at PUMP in West Hollywood. This is one of my favorite restaurants just because of the vibe and decor (and drink menu hehe).


Overall, my birthday was a success! What’s your favorite birthday memory?

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