Milk Tavern, Koreatown

Hi friends!

Right now I am on the biggest sugar high because I just had a unicorn crepe cake and ice cream cotton candy burrito. I know, you’re probably asking yourself what the heck is that. Sounds pretty cool though, right?

So there’s this place in Korea Town called Milk Tavern, and it has the craziesttttt desserts. There are so many goodies to choose from, even if you’ve never heard of half of what’s listed on the menu. The crepe cake and ice cream burrito is pictured below.


After we ate, we walked next door to Bumsan Organic Milk Bar and snapped a few photos of my outfit in front of their pink wall. Bumsan is definitely next on my list of dessert places to try.


My oversized teddy coat is from I Am Gia The Label and it’s the coziest thing ever. That’s probably why so many people have it to be honest.

Stay tuned and follow my blog for more yummy food places around Los Angeles ❤



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