Sunday Morning at the Farmers Market


It’s the weekend! And what better way to spend your Sunday morning then at a nice brunch? That’s right! THE FARMERS MARKET!


Calabasas has the best Farmer’s Market. I love going and picking out some fruit and veggies for the week, as well as some coconut water cold brew. It’s so good. Oh, and my boyfriend was the cutest and bought me flowers for our year and a half anniversary.




Today I wore a Brandy Melville shirt with a skirt from LF and paired the it with shoes by Steve Madden. I love the brown skirt because it’s so FALL! And Fall fashion is my favorite. It may not be the typical ripped jeans and fuzzy sweater Autumn look, but I live in Southern California and it’s still reaching the 80s here…


OH! Before I forget, I mentioned that my skirt is from LF, and now they have  an online store and their own LF brand! I’m super psyched about it, so make sure to check them out at

What’s your favorite thing to do on Sundays?

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