My Sunday Off | Los Liones Canyon Trail & Brunch at Topanga Table

Hi guys!

Today I had the day off from work and all that, so I convinced my brother and mom to go on one of my favorite LA based hikes with me. This one overlooks Santa Monica Bay and is off of Los Liones Drive in the Pacific Palisades.


The hike winds through the mountains and has an amazing overlook. There are breathtaking views along the way and it’s mostly shaded by trees which is nice, especially when its 105 degrees out like it was today. I always stop at the overlook, take in the view, snap some photos, and then head back in the same direction. It’s 1.5 miles both ways, which in my opinion, is the perfect distance.


On the way home, we stopped at the Topanga Table, which is a little restaurant on Topanga Canyon. We always pass this place, but have actually never stopped in before. It was awesome! It was so cute inside and had a nice little patio which overlooked the mountains. The menu was on the healthier side and had so many cool drink options! I mean, they had an espresso milk shake. It doesn’t get any better than that!

I ordered a hibiscus ginger soda, and avocado and salmon toast for lunch. My bro got a steak sandwich with a sparkling espresso, and my mom ordered the walnut apple salad. I HIGHLY recommend.


If you’re ever in the area, definitely do the Los Liones hike and stop at the Topanga Table for a refreshing meal afterwards. It’s definitely worth it!



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