On Set of The Ellen Degeneres Show

Whassssuppp everyone.

I got tickets to see the Ellen Degeneres show a few months ago and finally went yesterday! I thought I would share my day with you all 🙂

Check-in was at 1:30 pm at Warner Bros, and my party arrived around 1. I brought two of my friends with me, Kevin and Matt. After we picked up our tickets, we waited until we could cross the street to enter the building with the rest of our group. I’m not gonna lie, but attending these things are always a waiting game… we waited for about an hour in the parking lot to walk across the street and then 45 minutes in Ellen’s “riffraff” room until we could finally be seated in the audience… But hey, it was worth it!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Photo from my last visit to Ellen

Once we entered the set, they sat us down and I was put in an aisle seat. From then on, the Ellen team tries to get everyone pumped with some clapping and dancing. She came out and started the show and had awesome guests on, such as Demi Lovato, Justin Theroux, and Zach Braff to name a few. I was starstruck when I saw Demi… she is so funny! She told us that her and Joe Jonas are working on a Camp Rock 3, but the R rated version. I can’t wait for that one!


We ended up filming an entire show plus another half of the show that it airing on Monday. During the second episode of filming, the audience played one of her signatures games, “What’s in the Box?”

GUESS WHAT PEOPLE. Ellen came up to our row and called on Kevin to come up to her. They hugged and she asked him where he was from before unveiling the prize that was in store for him…wait for it… An electronic bike! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! I freaked.

Overall, it was a great day. The only down part of it was that I had a migraine the entire time, which happened to me last time 😦 If you ever attend a show, I 100% suggest packing some Advil, snacks and a water bottle to fill you up through out the day. Both times I went to Ellen I left feeling faint from how hungry I was! But hey, at least we went to In N’ Out afterwards.


Make sure to tune into Ellen today at 3 pm to catch some glimpses of me and my friends in the audience! And if you want to see my BFF Kevin get surprised with a bike and Justin Theroux talk deets about his relationship with Jennifer Aniston (ugh my fav), then make sure to watch on Monday, too!

Who else has sat in on a show?

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