Superb Dinner at Superba, Venice

Hi loves!

Yesterday I was itching to trade my college campus dining hall for a nice dinner out. So, I called up my friend Grant and brother Kevin and went to Superba in Venice. It’s only about a ten minute drive from where I go to school!

Naturally, I made us stop to take photos once I saw this cool car parked on the street. Photo shoot!


Outfit details: TopShop Jeans, Brandy Melville Top, Kate Spade Purse

Once we were seated inside, I ordered the Cacio E Pepe. It was DELISHHH. I definitely recommend it if you’re into creamy pastas like me. Kevin ordered the same thing, and Grant got the Beef ‘Dagwood” Burger (I stole some of his fries too hehe).



I hope everyone is having a great week!

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