Bloggers: Who I’m Following

Hi friends!

I just finished work for the day so that means it’s time to catch up on reading some of my favorite blogs. I absolutely love following bloggers on social media because every day they inspire me to be creative and come up with new content (plus get new outfit and recipe ideas). I thought I would share with you exactly who I’m following and why 🙂 Let’s get to it!

1. Debiflue


I just discovered Debi’s blog and Instagram last month and have been checking up on her content ever since! She has a very unique aesthetic and covers everything from fashion to lifestyle to travel. If you want to know what your next travel destination should be and what things to do there, I definitely suggest her blog.

2. Queen of Jetlags


Noor De Groot is from Amsterdam and is always exploring new countries and cities every week. I follow her because I enjoy reading her travel stories and watching her vlogs, and her Instagram feed looks like a fairy tale. I’m not kidding.

3. Ohh Couture


I often link Leonie Hanne’s “Ohh Couture” blog to Noor’s “Queen of Jetlags” blog because they both have dream-like qualities (just look at their photos and you’ll know what I’m talking about). Check her out!

4. Hanna Montazami


Hanna is one of my favorite fashion bloggers. She recently graduated from my college which is how I first found out about her. If you’re looking for fashion advice or how to rock the perfect outfit for a Sunday brunch, I suggest her page.

5. The Salty Blonde


I follow this account on Instagram and am so excited for it to become a blog! Halley Elefante is brutally honest which makes her so relatable to regular girls out there. Her life on Oahu is one you can only fantasize about and the laid back vibe of the island is seen in her beachy fashion style.

6. Earthy Andy


Another Hawaiian Island blogger! Andy’s blog mainly focuses on the Vegan lifestyle and different healthy recipes. I love her page because it makes me want to live in Hawaii and have the cutest family EVER.

7. Lauren Elizabeth


Lauren is a Chicago raised, LA based blogger who is stays true to her funny self. My favorite part about Lauren’s content are her YouTube videos. Not only are they on fashion, beauty and cooking, but she also releases a lot of comedic content that never fails to make me laugh.

So there you have it. My inspirations and favorite bloggers in a nutshell. Who do you follow? I would love to discover and support more bloggers out there!

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