I Dream of Jean-ie

So I’ve never been a big blue jean baby, and it wasn’t until NOW did I discover that it’s because I haven’t been picking out the right pairs! It seems as though I have been shopping at all the wrong places and haven’t been wearing jeans that are right for me. To help prevent this from happening to you, take a look at some of my favorite pairs and places to shop!

MOTO Blue Belt Loop Joni Jean

These ultra-high waisted skinny jeans will make your legs look looonggg. They are skin tight, so they’ll make that booty look on FLEEK.


MOTO Light Bleach Leigh Jeans

If you have meatier thighs like I do and have a harder time rocking the high-waisted look, go for something mid to low-rise, like these jeans from Top Shop. They cut off right before the ankle making them look super cute with a pair of sneakers or ankle booties.


Urban Renewal Vintage Wrangler Jean

If you want something a little looser and more comfortable, these jeans from Urban Outfitters do just that and still maintain to look flattering. These also look good on us rounder hipped girls.

TALL Black Rip Joni Jean

Black ripped skinny jeans are perfect for a night out. They add edge to anything!


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