Summer Bucket List

Helloooo summer. You are OFFICIALLY here! Every summer my friends and I like to make a summer bucket list. Whether it’s going night swimming or hitting up a country concert, it’s the ultimate cure to summer boredom. Now that I’m in LA, I still have so much that I need to explore! Here are a few things that are on my list:

1. Los Angeles County Museum of Art


Recognize this place from the movie No Strings Attached? I’ve heard great things about this museum and I don’t know how I still haven’t been yet!

2. Cabana Cafe at Beverly Hills Hotel


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I just think this is the cutest little place to have a summer brunch. Haven’t you ever heard of pretty in pink?!

3. Pace Gallery


I’ve seen a couple photos of this art gallery online and it looks super cool! Definitely want to check it out.

4. Road Trip!


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I have never been to San Francisco, or even Santa Barbara! Two beautiful places that I’m hoping to visit sometime this summer. Just need to snag a car…

5. Catalina Island

Boat and Hotel

Catalina Island. It looks BEAUTIFUL; kind of like something you would find in Europe, but without having to fly all the way there! Instead, it’s just a boat ride away.

I’ll make sure to update you guys if I check off any of these from the list. Have any of you been to these places? What’s on your summer bucket list?

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