2016 Summer ~Trends~

What are the current trends you ask? Well, never fear, Courtney’s here! Below are a few looks that have become hot this summer:

1. The one piece and high neck swimsuit 

Remember one pieces? Find the perfect one and you can even throw on a pair of shorts over it and turn it into a body suit for a day out. I love high neck swimsuits too because you can play around in the water without having to worry about anything flying out! 😉

2. The choker

Yup! This 90s trend is back. The bottom left photo is my choker. I’m wearing it in the top image and I purchased it from Hardwear in Larchmont Village.

3. Overalls

The choker isn’t the only 90s look to come back! Overalls make a perfect summer outfit or bathing suit cover up. They come in several different styles, such as a skirt, shorts, or pants. My overalls (left) are from Brandy Melville.

4. Off the shoulder top

Get some color on your shoulders with an off the shoulder top!

5. The bandana


Like the choker, bandanas make the perfect accessory. Pair it with a vintage or graphic tee and you’re set to go! They can even be worn as a hair piece!

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